Friday, 21 April 2017

+++ A Few Updates +++

So it's been a while since my last update. A few things have changed since then - the most important one being that I now work from a real studio space (good bye living room desk procrastination) in a cute little shop space in Neuk├Âlln/ Berlin. I had forgotten how much impact a productive studio environment has on my work. A few projects are in the pipeline, so watch this space!
I have also been incredibly busy teaching five different illustration courses at the Design Akademie Berlin which had been involving a lot more preparation work than I anticipated. However it has been and still remains extensively rewarding and illuminating for myself and my own practice. Every new term I try to come up with a variation of the course content to keep myself enthusiastic and to force myself to stay up-to-date with current methods on teaching illustration and visual communication. The Introduction to Illustration course is the most challenging one, as it's compulsory to all design students during their first term. To come up with a project and exercises that meet all levels of ability and interest is difficult every time, but I find if I keep a loose and fun approach to drawing with a focus on experimental and unconventional techniques I find the students quickly produce some interesting results that even surprise them. Seeing their interest in drawing and visual communication grow gives me a little happy tingling every time. Above are some results from our drawing tools seminar.