Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Keep your eyes peeled for MODERN TIMES, a brand new magazine featuring social commentary through prints, drawings, photographs , maps, written articles and short stories. Each issue will take on a different social theme, with issue one focussing on housing problems. The magazine aims to promote graphic reportage as a valid form of journalism and to give a voice to social groups normally underrepresented in the mainstream media.

My contribution on the gentrification issues in Berlin's Neuk├Âlln will be featured alongside other fantastic visual treats in issue one. Thank you to the lovely editors at the Royal College of Art in London! Check out their wonderful work here:

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Even though I love living in Berlin, I am missing the fresh air of the countryside and cannot wait to take a few days off in September to attend Schweinskopf-Festival up in rural Northern Germany. I'll be selling some of my illustrated products and will be running workshops on affordable book binding and low-tech printmaking. So if perchance you should be passing through Northern Germany on the weekend of the 5th of September, be sure to stop by this beautiful little festival: