Monday, 7 April 2014

/// B E R L I N ///

Moving house and starting from the zero is the most time-consuming and exhausting thing one can experience. Having been preoccupied with searching and finding a flat in Berlin (after months of hunting!), moving in and finally making it our home and new studio space, I have had little time and energy left for anything else. Which brought me back to my research into LOOKING (as this was the least exhausting thing I could do). As Mick Maslen puts it: 'Drawing is the process of looking made visible', i.e. a good drawing starts with being able to look properly. So I have been reading about looking and started being obsessed with becoming an expert of it. Going for a walk has never been such an exciting and entertaining thing before, and ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ's beautifully written book 'ON LOOKING' has opened my eyes towards this. (I have, for example, started noticing that I am followed by chalk-drawn arrows on pavements, and that beer bottle caps are the urban fossils of our time, as you often see them melted and trod into the tarmac and cobbled roads.) 
I can recommend all books you see below, if you are interested in training your observation and seeing the world from a fresh angle - or seeing properly for the first time, which is what it sometimes feels like. 

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