Wednesday, 10 December 2014

~~~ Grosser Lärm ~~~

A while back I collaborated with the collective Polish record label and publishing house GROSSER LÄRM on a box set which included 2 tapes and a set of five postcards. The recordings include a reading of Kafka's short story "Grosser Lärm" (engl.: "Big Noise") and several experimental musical interpretations of it. You can find out more about the Warsaw-based artists and their current projects on their website and have a listen to their tracks here.

Here are three postcard designs I did for the box set booklet. I made 5 different illustrations depicting 5 different ideas of what noise could look like or how it can be perceived as. I deliberately chose a minimal colour palette based on the slightly oppressive nature of the short story.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

/// PICAME ///

Here is an illustration I recently did for the italian online graphics mag PICAME. They did a nice little feature on my work which can be found here:
Bad news is that unless you speak Italian, you won't understand it!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

---T H E S K I N N Y---

Here are two illustrations I did for this month's Skinny Magazine. Pick up a free copy if you're around Northern England!

Monday, 27 October 2014

--- B E R L I N L I F E ---

This A4 promotional poster is getting sent out today - send me an email if you want one for free!

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Here is a postcard design of the man whose name was given to the highest mountain in the world. His famous grave is in Hove, so just round the corner from where I studied! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Here I bring you an illustration of four cyclists. Do something good for mind, body and the environment, cycle to work!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Keep your eyes peeled for MODERN TIMES, a brand new magazine featuring social commentary through prints, drawings, photographs , maps, written articles and short stories. Each issue will take on a different social theme, with issue one focussing on housing problems. The magazine aims to promote graphic reportage as a valid form of journalism and to give a voice to social groups normally underrepresented in the mainstream media.

My contribution on the gentrification issues in Berlin's Neukölln will be featured alongside other fantastic visual treats in issue one. Thank you to the lovely editors at the Royal College of Art in London! Check out their wonderful work here:

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Even though I love living in Berlin, I am missing the fresh air of the countryside and cannot wait to take a few days off in September to attend Schweinskopf-Festival up in rural Northern Germany. I'll be selling some of my illustrated products and will be running workshops on affordable book binding and low-tech printmaking. So if perchance you should be passing through Northern Germany on the weekend of the 5th of September, be sure to stop by this beautiful little festival:

Monday, 7 April 2014

/// B E R L I N ///

Moving house and starting from the zero is the most time-consuming and exhausting thing one can experience. Having been preoccupied with searching and finding a flat in Berlin (after months of hunting!), moving in and finally making it our home and new studio space, I have had little time and energy left for anything else. Which brought me back to my research into LOOKING (as this was the least exhausting thing I could do). As Mick Maslen puts it: 'Drawing is the process of looking made visible', i.e. a good drawing starts with being able to look properly. So I have been reading about looking and started being obsessed with becoming an expert of it. Going for a walk has never been such an exciting and entertaining thing before, and ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ's beautifully written book 'ON LOOKING' has opened my eyes towards this. (I have, for example, started noticing that I am followed by chalk-drawn arrows on pavements, and that beer bottle caps are the urban fossils of our time, as you often see them melted and trod into the tarmac and cobbled roads.) 
I can recommend all books you see below, if you are interested in training your observation and seeing the world from a fresh angle - or seeing properly for the first time, which is what it sometimes feels like. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

/// South American Souvenirs ///

It's been a while! 

I've taken time off after finishing my MA in Sequential Design and Illustration, which have been a wonderful 2 years. I am missing our studio already! 

I've had the luxury of being able to visit South America for two months (Paraguay/ Brazil/ Argentina) and we left straight after taking down our MA show in September, which by the way turned out well-visited and popular. South America was balm for body, soul and eyes - colours are much more important and vibrant over there than in grey Europe. 

We visited a great museum for south american indigenous art in Paraguay ( which has been truly inspiring. And we found some fantastic retro gems in Buenos Aires's antique markets with wonderful typographic designs and adverts. The cover models of 'El Grafico' look like Brighton hipsters! 

With all these new impressions I'm now looking forward to throwing myself into a new chapter in BERLIN and start working on a lot of new projects!

Magazine from a second-hand bookshop, Buenos Aires

Magazine from a second-hand bookshop, Buenos Aires

Sketchbook spreads

Indigenous art from a street seller, Paraguay

Indigenous art, Museo del Barro, Paraguay

Indigenous art, Museo del Barro, Paraguay